I do hereby entrust Whiskers Resort to care for my pet(s) and agree to all of the subsequent terms:

I authorize Whiskers Resort to do whatever they deem necessary for the health and well being of my pet(s) and agree to pay for any and all expenses relating to same.

I confirm that my pet is healthy, pest-free, disease-free and has been vaccinated annually. I understand that it is my responsibility to keep my pet’s vaccinations current and agree that my pet’s flea control is Whiskers Resort approved and given monthly. I understand that Whiskers Resort may charge fees associated with flea and tick removal to the extent Whiskers Resort deems such removal appropriate.

I agree to pay daily board at Whiskers Resort’s current rates. If my pet requires special care and/or services at Whiskers, I authorize Whiskers Resort to provide that care and agree to pay for those services.

I agree to pay for any auxiliary services or products requested by myself or my agent such as hikes, grooming, medicating, etc.

I agree that I am responsible for any damages that my pet(s) may cause through malicious or improper conduct and will completely update Whiskers Resort on any prior behavioral issues.

I have read Whiskers Resort’s most recent policies and I agree to the terms therin. I understand that it is my responsibility to keep informed of Whiskers Resorts current policies. And I will do my utmost to respectfully follow them.

I understand that unless I have specifically requested otherwise in writing, my dog may be in a communal play area with other dogs. I understand that there are inherent risks involved in communal dog care. I acknowledge and accept the risk of communal dog care.

I understand that fences at Whiskers Resort are roughly 6 feet tall and that Whiskers Resort cannot be held responsible for any dogs that are capable of jumping 6 feet tall fences.

If I need to cancel any reservations or part of any reservations (early returns for example), I understand that I may be held liable for 50% of the fees (as outlined in the policies).

I have read this agreement, understood its terms, and signed it freely.

I hereby authorize any veterinarian(s) that have treated my pet(s) to disclose veterinary history and records to Whiskers Resort.

If I am not the registered owner, I have the authority to sign on the owners behalf.

The following persons are authorized to make decisions regarding my pet:


I agree to indemnify and defend Whiskers Resort in any action against it from my animal injuring any person, pet, or property. If there is a dispute I agree to settle it by binding arbitration.