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  1. John says:

    Jackson loves being with you guys…I know he is well taken care of., and he can be a little bossy, same way at home…Thanks for taking care of my special boy!!!!

  2. Gege Robert says:

    I’ve been asked by Kalypso to write this testimonial for everyone to read (dogs people alike). First of all, ” I cannot get enough ” of my play dates & overnight-ers @ Whiskers. Let’s face it… Short snouts, long snouts, pug snouts, it’s like being KING for a day.

    OK, ” I have to admit”, it is HARD being a gorgeous HUMONGOUS -WELL CONTROLLED- GOOD LICKER/KISSER DOG. And it is even hard for me to fit into my mom’s jeep. Most often if people or ( US-you guys know who I mean) encounter with me for a first time a typical response is ” WHOA,” then A STEP BACK, SLIGHT COWER and then asks “If it is OK to touch the dog, pet him or play with him”

    THAT, MY FRIENDS is a wonderful reason we so much like WHISKER’S RESORT. They interview each and every pet to establish if they are friendly; able to socialize; are healthy. WHAT better place to go & rock out is all I can say.

    I’d like to say one more thing. My mom dad love bringing me here. When I arrive, I am a basket case of excitement & cannot wait to get out of the vehicle. No whimpering there my boys. THEN when they pick me up, I HOWL when I hear them coming and wait to jump into the vehicle and then crash & fall asleep all the way home.

    Now , would NOT your parent love to bring you to Whiskers???????
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  3. Ashley says:

    We have a very highly active 1 year old puppy named Magic.
    He absolutely LOVES Whiskers Resort! We try to bring him atleast
    once a week to play with all his friends and he gets soOooOooo excited
    when we make that left turn! He already knows what’s to come!

    At the end of the day he is so completely exhausted from his play day that he
    immediately crashes by the time we hit Kuhio highway and is 100% pooped
    for the next two days. That’s what I call a VERY successful play day.

    Mahalo to Whiskers Resort for allowing our little baby to have so much fun!

  4. Carmel V. Hawn says:

    My cat Simba LOVES WHISKERS and all of your expert and super care givers !!
    He is due for some grooming , so he will get to come and visit you soon.

    Double Mahalo!
    Carmel V. Hawn

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