Whiskers Resort Policies 3/5/15


All animal companions must have verifiable current vaccinations. Please see our vaccination page for our vaccination requirements. These are unique to Whiskers. It is your responsibility to keep a copy of your most recent vaccination record updated with us. Animal companions cannot be checked in without proper vaccination documentation.

Animal companions must also be on approved flea and tick control applied at least every 30 days. The brands we accept are outlined on the vaccination page also. Please send us moderately clean animals. No animal companions may have fleas or ticks! Charges apply for pets that arrive with fleas and/or ticks (please see notes under fees).

Pets must be healthy. We do not board sick or injured companion animals or anyone with serious health conditions/issues. We suggest the vets for these scenarios and will take any pets needing medical assistance to the veterinarian’s.

Dogs eligible for supervised play must get along with others and be neutered (if a male over 6 months old). Whiskers Resort reserves the right to revoke your companion animals’ privilege to play with others at any point. Whiskers Resort may refuse admission for any reason.

Although animal care is a round-the-clock job, Whiskers Resort does check-ins and outs, and visits for any purpose by confirmed appointment. Please honour your appointment time as it is important that the play park pups are constantly supervised.

Whiskers’ office is closed on the following holidays; New Years Day, Memorial Day, Labour Day, July 4, Thanksgiving, and Christmas. On Christmas Eve and New Years Eve we are open in the morning only. We have exactly the same pet care every day of the year.

Dogs must wear a snug-fitting collar or harness with identification (you can write their name with permanent marker on the collar if you like). We recommend an old collar since the pups love to play. Kitties must be brought in a carrier (but not the cardboard kind). Please note: our fences are 6 feet tall. We cannot be held responsible for any jumpers (we’ve never had one but just in case you’ve got an extraordinary dog, please note this).

It is ideal if animal guardians are not present during doggie introductions (due to concerns of possible aggression caused by their presence). But feel free to call and see how it went!


In order to hold your reservation, 50% of your total (boarding amount only) for up to 10 days of a reservation is due.  Please note, our online reservation form may not compute this amount exactly. Upon check out the balance is due (don’t worry, that amount is exact). For stays over 1 month, clients may be billed semimonthly, starting 2 weeks into their companion animal(s) stay.

If we find fleas or ticks on your pet, we will need to treat your pet. Charges will apply for any flea and/or tick dips, applications, collars or preventatives needed. In addition IF your pet has a flea or tick infestation a $35 fine will be levied. Please make sure your pet(s) are flea and tick free!

You are always billed for check-in day irregardless of the check-in time you choose. Check-outs prior to noon will not be charged for check-out day. Our rates can be viewed on the rates page of our website.  If you are an existing client, you may call to confirm your rate. Please remember that for any additional services requested, additional fees will apply.  On occasion, we have price increases. These will be updated on our website.

We prefer payment (of your check-out account balance) by cash or check.


Dogs are fed high quality lamb and rice foods (by-product free, naturally preserved). Cats tend to be more finicky so we have an assortment of brands available for them. You are welcome to send your own food along (in the form of one Ziploc baggie per meal).


Whiskers Resort charges $2 per medication application.

Personal Items

We provide toys, blankets, leashes, treats, and other items. Absolutely no bedding, cloth items, or rawhide treats will be accepted. For play group eligible pups, please do not send your pup’s toy(s) along. We provide the toys in order to avoid any proprietary feelings leading to aggression.

Visiting Hours
Our on-island clients may request to visit their animals. Visits are by confirmed appointment only made by 5pm the day prior.

Feel free to visit our FAQ page for answers to frequently asked questions. We are always working to improve our services. Please tell us any concerns, suggestions or compliments so that we may better serve you and your animal companions.