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Whiskers Resort offers spacious luxury kitty suites for your feline friends. Our kitty suites are 4 feet long, 4 feet wide, and 9 feet tall. The space is used vertically. Each suite has its own window complete with a cat-sized window ledge. Just outside, hangs a bird feeder which we fill daily for viewing pleasure. Your feline friend will enjoy his/her own 6′ tall scratching post, assorted toys, stuffed animal and pong toy. For those many hours of sleep, there are fuzzy blankets and a sleeping bench.

Throughout his/her stay, your cat will receive plenty of love and pets, responsible observant care, play and companionship. There are even windows between neighboring suites so that your kitty can enjoy the safe companionship of his/her feline neighbors. The cat houses offer a lovely ambiance with a nature setting, classical music and sweet ocean breezes.

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