Enrollment Prequiz



Enrollment information is kept on permanent file for future stays.

Dog guardians: Please note that we do not care for pure pit bulls, sick or injured pups, or very human agressive canines. Also, if your pup is over 100 pounds, an unneutered male pup that’s over 6 months old, a certain breed, or indicates any aggressive behavior, for safety, we may choose to board your pup in our covered kennels. Our covered kennels have an orthopedically correct pet cot and toy basket. These pups benefit from cuddle and love visits from our qualified babysitters. They also get their turns in our doggie fields for potty, play, and self-exercise throughout the day. You may also order additional services for them like massages and hikes. If you have any questions for us, please call 241-PETS(7387).

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