Whiskers is environmentally friendly! Whiskers gets its power from solar and biodiesel (recycled vegetable oil) sources. We use laptops because they use less electricity. There are no virtually no incandescent bulbs on property. Fluorescent and LED bulbs are the standard. Whiskers employs smart surge protectors that turn off the components if the master equipment (such as a TV or computer) is off.

Whiskers has repurposed much of its building materials Many of the buildings are retired shipping containers that have been tediously transformed into buildings. Out-of-service school buses provide us with additional office and storage space. We’ve used wood destined for the dump. The doors on our play rooms are from a hotel. Even windows and stepping stones have been repurposed.

Waste is minimized. We train our employees to use cleaning cloths made from repurposed towels rather than paper towels. Our dog poo bags are made of compostable corn starch (not to be confused with the common “biodegradable” bags that just break down into small bits of plastic).

We recycle everything possible, even items the County does not support. For example, we take  our pet food cans to the junk yard to be recycled. Whenever possible, we use products made of recycled products. For example, we use toilet paper made of recycled paper and refill our ink cartridges.  We use weed control matting made of recycled tires.

Used is green. When possible, we buy used items off Craigslist or at thrift stores like the Humane Society or Salvation Army’s. We’ve used recycled printers, dog couches, TVs, office furniture, and blankets from local thrift shops. We try to repair virtually everything rather than toss. Therefore we have a handy person on staff.

Whiskers uses the least toxic products necessary. Whiskers uses Simple Green and mint oil bug spray. We haven’t had the need to use a pesticide on the facility for years. In our gardens, we use neem oil as a natural pesticide and Scythe, a natural herbicide made of fatty acids. We use wood chips, weed cloths, and smart construction techniques to help keep the weeds at bay. We have many native plants among our landscaping.

Sustainability is a lot about taking into account what a location has to offer. Accordingly, our facility is oriented to catch the trades. Floor to ceiling doors slide open on our play rooms to allow the breeze in. We do not need nor use air conditioning. Our vet-approved natural ventilation system means the space is healthier for the pups unlike a more conventional, closed facility.

Our roofs face true south in order to have real estate on which our solar panels array may grow. We also use solar powered ceiling fans to help ventilate.

Whiskers employs hydrowheel technology on the groom room’s propane water heater. This uses a water wheel to generate electricity to create the spark to ignite the pilot light on our water heater, saving propane. We also utilize low flow shower heads, etc.

It’s not always easy or affordable to be committed to sustainability. But our founder is an avid animal lover and devoted environmentalist. As a child, she tithed part of her allowance to Greenpeace and PETA. Today, she is a commuter cyclist and vegetarian. Fun fact: Half the team is vegetarian. Did you know the UN says a move to a vegetarian diet is crucial if we are to save the world from the worst impacts of climate change?

It’s just the beginning. Whiskers is on 18 acres and future plans include an organic farm.

Go Eco-Friendly, go Whiskers!


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