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  1. Determine a set of cue words, which will prompt your dog to perform the specific actions that you would like them to do.  Be clear about what these actions are.
  2. Decide what types of rewards your dog would most enjoy.  This could be praise and petting, fetching a toy, or a tasty morsel.
  3. Immediately let him know that he did a good thing by telling him “yes”, or “good”. Be enthusiastic! Then you proceed by promptly giving him the reward. You will be able to taper off the giving of rewards and eventually just use your words.
  4. Ignore any behaviors that you do not want to see.  Simply reward for the ones you do.  Eventually they will trade the positive actions for the negative ones because there is a reward involved. It is no fun to scold your pet, nor does it do any good other than letting off steam. It also confuses your pet.
  5. Being consistent and patient is the key to success.  Use the same cue words and make sure you give the reward promptly when your dog does what you want him to do. If it takes him a little while to catch on, just keep up the fun and games.  He’ll eventually get it!

SATURDAY NOVEMBER 8th, 2014 is our next Basic Group Class with Becky Gagnon, CPDT-KA!  Call Whiskers now to sign up!  Our number is 241-PETS (7387) Space is limited so sign up now!

  • 8:30-9:30 am

  • $120 for the series

  • Every Saturday for 6 weeks

  • Usually no more than 10 dogs/class

  • Pets must be flea and tick-free.

  • Please check out our vaccination requirements but please note:Puppies only need the first 2 puppy shots and the Bordetella to attend classes.

One-on-one private classes are also available.  We recommend that you do these classes with your pet, but if you cannot, private training is also available for boarding and daycare dogs.

  • 1/2 Hour Session $40
  • 1 Hour Session $70

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