“Pawse”: Offering Dog and Cat Grooming ONLY until November 1, 2018

Aloha Dear Clients of Whiskers,  We will be offering dog and cat grooming ONLY until approximately November 1, 2018. Please CLICK HERE to make a groom reservation! We are very sorry for any and all inconvenience. In our almost two decades of existence, this is the only “pawse” we’ve ever had. We are focusing on renovating […] Read more »

Christmas Rates & Annual Rate Adjustment

Aloha lovely clients,  Here is a friendly reminder that our rates are higher over the Christmas season. Also, please note that as of January 1, 2018 we have a rate adjustment (the first in five years). This was sorely overdue in order to continue providing services to Kauai’s companion animals. In future, we will have […] Read more »