Our Philosophy

Pet Sitting Extraordinaire at our Gorgeous Pet Hotel

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Whiskers has a unique and humane approach to pet boarding. We know that dogs need plenty of interactive play and cats require peace and entertainment. We feel that a cozy home-like environment, lots of personal care and tons of love & touch (this is the most important ingredient!) ensure a happy stay for your companion animals. We believe everyone is entitled to plenty of excercise space, fresh air and sunlight. We aim to offer Kauai better pet care options and to improve the lives of companion animals.

Whiskers makes efforts to be a more socially responsible business. Whiskers gets its power from solar and biodiesel (recycled vegetable oil) sources. Whiskers recycles and uses recycled materials. Many of our buildings are retired shipping containers which have been tediously transformed into buildings. Out-of-service school buses provide us with storage space.

Whiskers uses the least toxic products necessary. We use a wintergreen/rosemary oil based product for pest control of our kitty suites. Every aspect of the business is thought through, from naturally preserved by-product free pet foods, organic catnip, and locally made vegetarian pet treats to our gorgeous, tranquil and breezy (a natural healthy ventilation system) rural setting.

Clients have helped build Whiskers with hefty advance payments, donations of goods, and service trades. Virtually all of our plants used for landscaping were donated.

Whiskers Resorts were founded in response to Kauai’s need for boarding alternatives. Our team is well-trained, conscientious, caring, professional, and loving. We aim to give your pets excellent care!

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